Good Nature is a collaborative project between ZacGates and Joe Hofmann. The set of images presented represent a number of journeys made in Scotland, Wales and the north of England. Our many travels together accumulate in to one journey. These journeys made mostly on foot but also by hitchhiking and by train all have one aim: to reach isolated shelters known as bothies.


Bothies are free shelters situated in the most remote areas of Britain, open to anyone who puts in the effort to reach them. They are old cottages or small buildings and offer basic amenities, just a wooden platform to sleep on and a fireplace to burn fuel. The buildings are unique, not just for their history and the remote landscapes they are situated in, but also the ethics of how they function. When staying in a bothy one accepts the communalist politics that allow them to function. Irrespective ofthe size of the building, or its relative distance from modern civilization, at any point of the day or night any number of people may arrive with whom you will have to share your transient home. Like the environments they inhabit, these buildings are for everyone and anyone, epitomising the core values of socialism and ecological policies on the natural environment.


The project focuses on the actual buildings themselves and the people that visit them. With walking being such a big part of reaching thebothies the landscapes included are an essential part of the story being told.