Triin Kerge

Triin Kerge is Estonian born photographer, currently finishing studies in Documentary Photography in University of South Wales. Her photographic work is mostly inspired by everyday life and most recent project are around theme home.

Kodukoht (Place of home)

Estonia is a small country in North-East Europe. After nearly 50 years of Soviet occupation, it regained its independence in 1991.

Estonia has tried to put the past behind, yet there are things that still remind us of the occupation years. Different statues were put up to remind people in every step who were the leaders in the Union and what everyone should believe in. Big block of flats that are very typical for communism were built - they often took over big parts of cities and are still in use to this day.The objective of this project is to make a comment on individuals that have been repressed against their will and who now are free to express their individuality through the home space. Home is a private place and its surfaces reflect the tastes of its inhabitants. With this in mind I have visited and photographed different locations both within cities and more rural areas in Estonia in order to show how the country has developed.The work reflects the diversity of tastes of old and the new, liberated generation and presents a photographic record that provides a realistic overview of ‘home life’ around the country. The project takes place from autumn 2013 until spring 2014 showing the change of the seasons captured through the window. This is a reminder to the viewer that the change is everlasting.