Suzanna Davison

Suzanna Davison is a Documentary Photographer currently studying at the University of South Wales, Newport. Her work explores the history of architecture, landscape and photography, through the research and projection of archival and family album photographs. She predominantly uses a traditional approach to photography, using a 4x5 field camera to relate to the old photographs she displays, the projection reflecting the technological advancements since photography began.

Genius Loci

“The ruinous landscape can demonstrate something of the other, a different moment in time, lacunae, here and there strewn with ruins, can in a fragmentary way stir up something of the past, as a support to the memory of a city.” –Jan De Graaf.


Wastelands are often looked at as inane eyesores. I have always been intrigued and enchanted by the museum like qualities they hold, every barren landscape has a history to tell. In wastelands across Britain, this work tells a story of these spaces before they were left to ruin. The most profound photograph for the previous function of each desolate place is found, and projected back into the landscape, creating a juxtaposition of the past and present.