Sophie Skipper

Sophie Skipper is a Documentary Photographer developing her practise throughout the UK. By emphasising aesthetics, she focuses on the environmental portrait. Her works are an investigation into representations of contemporary life, whilst embracing depictions and ideas that can only be realised in photography. By capturing moments that exist to punctuate the nature of portraiture, Sophie attempts to clarify modern living, often focusing on situations experiencing gender inequality. Sophie Skipper currently lives and works in Cardiff.

He wants to see my Amazon Wish List

He wants to see my Amazon Wish List explores the role women play within modern commodity exchange currently taking place online. This exchange is taking place in the form of Amazon Wish Lists, online shopping bags consisting of an individuals’ desired items, ranging from clothing to sex toys to microwaves. For the bloggers requesting these gifts, success most certainly exists, despite many previous theories attached to the question of why we purchase things for others. This contemporary manifestation of gift-giving calls into question whether reciprocity really is the key element of exchange.


In order to photograph my subjects I will offer them a payment in the form of an item from their wish-list. By doing this I question the photographer to subject relationship and explore the nature of photography, with the Amazon Wish-List being the backbone of my work. Women, being my artistic focus for this work, are the dominant users of many blogging sites, Pinterest for example, has a 70% female user base. The act of paying a woman to be photographed mirrors the exploitative treatment women have received throughout history, therefore I shall visually discuss topics such as prostitution and the objectification of women witnessed daily within the media and online.