Sissel Thastum (b. 1987) is educated at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art and Documentary photography Photography. She resumed her education at FAMU, Film and TV school of Performing Arts in Prague, Department of Photography in 2011.


Her work, which evolves around personal storytelling, has been exhibited in Denmark, Canada, and Czech Republic as well as in the UK.


In 2013 she founded the non-profit organisation The Independent AIR, which encourages exchange and collaborations across national borders.


Sissel Thastum

I am here when you are here

Through the nature, the landscape and the feminine form, I am here when you are here mediates a close and intimate relationship between mother and daughter. It is a bond that is found within the return to the familial; the home and the mother. Portrayed through a melancholic language our relationship to each other, to our age, our gender and our identity become underlying themes. The essential presence of nature in connection with the body calls up the notion of a cultural and symbolic identification, emphasising the feeling of the ‘Nordic’ ambience.

Within the return to the familial, an uncanny presence of both attraction and estrangement is evident. These elements enable a search for memory and, consequently, identity. Julia Kristeva connects this search with what Freud named the 'umbilicus of the dream' and she essentially states that it is “…something unnameable, which becomes, none the less, the source of our investigation”. This investigation of, and search for memory and identity; what we cannot talk about, what we try push out of our sight and out of our mind, therefore becomes the vital undertone of the images.

I am here when you are here is a personal project made between my mother, my home and I.