Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is a 3rd year Documentary Photography student studying at the University of South Wales Newport. Bristol born Paul has been fascinated with the weird, unusual and dangerous. This has inspired him to photograph issues that have surrounded him including drug abuse, mental illness and role-play. The offensive and prohibited are subjects Paul is accustomed with, encouraging him to show what happens behind closed doors.

The Other People

Since the shift in popular culture within recent years, what was once deemed as something for ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ has evolved into something for a large audience, sprung out through the need to express ones own individuality and homage to their favourite character from various media platforms from comics, video games, TV shows and movies. The internal landscapes of the people who cosplay have changed their physical appearance. Dressed to reflect an exact representation of a fictional character, they embody the characters personality and mannerisms. With this in mind Paul Bradley has documented those who participate in cosplay, showing them in their current state of costume, placing each subject within a surrounding which is appropriate to the persona they are projecting. An inverted discussion between the subject and themselves, put forth through a set of portraits, which not only document what the individual is dressed as, but also a part of them, something which is seems to be lost as we gaze into the eyes of the pretend person.