Olivia Whittaker

Olivia Whittaker is a visual artist who uses photography based in the UK. Originally from Manchester Olivia is currently studying Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales; her work largely focuses on the theme of identity and how this is represented within modern culture and the media. Her work references contemporary documentary practice with a particular interest in installation art.



Identity fraud rose in the UK by 163% over the past year leaving it the highest form of fraud in the country. Typically 46% male, 54% female victims, Masquerade accounts statistics in a visual display of identity theft.

With the ever-increasing rise in technology, social media and the Internet, fraudsters have more opportunities and information available to them than ever before. Masquerade highlights the domestic reality of fraud and the portable ability to commit such acts from the comforts of your own home.

Despite implementations used in and around the home such as anti spyware, shredders etc. even when people feel at their most protected lurking in their shadows could be the fast paced actions of someone adopting their identity.