Nick Griffiths is a photographer from Cambridgeshire, England, studying the Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales, Newport. Being highly interested in technology and the testing the abilities of technology, Griffiths’ work attempts to create imagery through abstract techniques. Due to this, the majority of work produced is primarily created through the use of photographic editing programs. Driven by the ever evolving nature of technology, Griffiths seeks test the technology to its limits.

From Film to Digital

In digital photography images are made up of data, coded information that programs read and make a visual representation of the subject. ‘From Film to Digital’ reimagines famous film images as if they were shot digitally and are built from the data that makes up this digital photographic file. The work uses a fairly unique technique to give a new dimension to how photographs can be produced and viewed. Through extraction of the data from the file, a visual representation of the image is created by the colouring of the data to the place it falls upon the image when overlaid. Using particularly prominent photographs from Documentary photography and its subgenres, the work gives new aspects to these images in terms of how they are viewed and the foundations behind them. Images from Kevin Carter, Dorothea Lange and Steve McCurry are given a new injection of life in this series, ‘From Film to Digital’.