Lianne Runcieman

Lianne Runcieman is a British photographer currently based in the South West of England. Her work focusses mainly on landscape and the use of traditional media as opposed to digital means of photography. Her work commonly focusses on agricultural and environmental issues. Currently nearly completion on her BA Honours Degree from the University of Wales Newport, Lianne has been included in several collaborations and exhibitions, with her work being published a number of times in local newspapers and magazines around Somerset.



In the winter of 2013-14, the Somerset Levels in the South West of England suffered the worst flooding on record with over 7800 homes and nearly 3000 commercial properties flooded. Numerous villages were completely awash with water and many people had to be relocated and evacuated for many weeks until the water subsided enough for them to return. The blame for these extreme circumstances has been the subject of controversy, with most fingers pointing at the Government and local councils for failing to keep up with flood prevention techniques such as river dredging and replacing damaged defences. Now, nearly six months on from the worst of the flooding, it has been discovered that the Coalition government actually cut the budget for flood defence by 30% over the last three years in the affected areas and that number is expected to rise.


This body of work aims to reflect these issues by exploring and documenting flood defence techniques in and around Somerset as well as the consequences of the worst weather seen in the area since 1910.