Laura Böök

Born 1986 in Helsinki, Finland.

I like working on long term documentary projects, building strong relations of trust and collaboration with the people I photograph. With a background in sociology, I am interested in documentary photography's ability to speak about wide social changes through intimate stories. Experiences of migrants and refugees have been a central theme in several recent photography and video projects. I am working as a freelance photographer and journalist mainly for Finnish media and ngo:s.


There are more reindeer than people living in Pudasjärvi, a small town in Northern Finland. Young people are keen to move out of the town with a town square standing empty in the evenings and forests and swamps that seem to go on forever. With the local population aging and drastically shrinking, the town has set the exceptional goal that in 2018, one in ten residents will be an immigrant.


Following the lives of five families from DR Congo, my work looks at the transition of people who have made a long journey to start a new life, and the transition of a community struggling to redefine its identity. I am focusing especially on the younger generation. Growing up between two cultures, they are finding their place in their new home faster than their mothers, while remembering their childhood in the refugee camp.