Johan Peter J√łnsson

I am a Danish photographer about to finish a BA (Hons) in Documentary Photography from University of South Wales. I hope to continue my studies on an MA program when I return to Denmark this summer.


What makes an identity? To investigate I have collaborated with transgender people on themes touching up on inner conciliation and understanding of feelings towards own identity.


To be a transgender person is about the identity you feel comfortable representing. If it is a man or a woman does not matter, it is about what is right for the individual which often means crossing the line of what society find acceptable.


This has resulted in a series of portraits displaying different counterparts of each person, one comfortable, one uncomfortable and sometimes even a third persona according to how the individual feel best reflect him or hers identity. This method of working help to visualise the complex and often awkward feelings of dressing up in cloth that does not feel right.


In addition I have photographed family album pictures and personal items from past and present life, to connect the counterparts, and to explain their personal stories and understanding of own identity.