Jamie E Murray

Jamie E. Murray is a photographer based between South Wales and London. Currently studying Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales, Newport, his work centres on the resonance and relevance of trends and cultures within a modern society. This includes a current long term project he is undertaking that looks into football culture and its associated stories through portraying individual livelihoods affected by the bigger story. This is an ethic he tries to maintain in his other work including commissions and side projects.




Home Turf

Football and its associated culture has always provided aspirations within many peoples livelihoods. This book follows the path of James, a route many adolescents take in which they look to an outlet and distraction to the struggles of growing up. The solace he receives from the community of the club he supports and the dream of success in his own playing grant James a focal point to his life.


Even through injury, football allows him to strive to do his best and find an acceptance and recognition amongst others.