Inigo Christie

'So the story of man runs in a dreary circle,

because he is not yet master of the earth that holds him.'

-Will Durant


Ever trapped in the cycle of life we, as humans, both as the individual and the mass of society, repeatedly fail to learn the lessons cast before us by our own error of judgment. As a mistake made by a child might be forgotten and repeated mere hours later, the mistakes made by a nation maybe forgotten and repeated decades later. Although these events are not mirrored in exact detail, their echoes can be heard though out history time and time again. Whilst this may seem a rather droll outlook on life, we must remember these mistakes are born of bad choice and are, but a small part of the fabric that defines humanity. Yet if the choice laid before us is dealt with callously or without consideration all we hold dear maybe snatched away.


As we must look back to draw lessons from the mistakes of our past, we must also look back to draw inspiration, to educate ourselves and to move onwards. It was during the Victorian era that the narrative painting rose to popularity in the British Isles, though many foreign critics could not understand the reasons for painting such mundane social interaction. Painting in this style provided a unique and powerful way to document the joys and hardships of nineteenth century society, and although they capture but an instant in time, the possibilities of the worlds portrayed in these paintings are restricted not to canvas or frame, but to the limits of our imagination.


This project is a contemporary hail to the powerful tradition of the Victorian-narrative painting. Each scene is designed to depict an issue that holds significant prevalence in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century, and as history repeats itself we can look too these scenes and hope to take away the lessons they bare.