Hollie Jackson

This is the house that Jack built

Currently studying Documentary photography at the University of South Wales,Newport. My practice has exspanded over 5 years,working with both video and photography.The main focus within my practice is youth culture, looking at how youth culture has developed and how youth fit in to society today. Working with  conseptal and documentary foundations it has given me the freedom to creates a platform to express such issue.



Teenagers quite often don’t feel like they fit into society, stuck in a somewhat limbo stage of life, there direction can be challenging. Having to deal with emotional and social issue means problems arise. This conceptual documentary piece looks at creating scenes that act as metaphors to address issues that teenagers have to deal with in the 21st century. By using the names of traditional nursery rhymes as a prompt and reminder that we bring our children up with such stories and rhymes to educate and teach, Comfort and secure, Connect and interact.

"Three Blind Mice"