Hannah is a photographer based in the UK, who's recent projects have concentrated on recording members of various communities, especially the poverty-bound or otherwise disadvantaged: rural horse traders and farmers in mid-Wales, the immigrant and indigenous community of Grangetown in Cardiff and young carers in south Wales, for example. On similar lines, Hannah has a particular interest in the photographic study and record of those with physical and mental illnesses.

As well as her university projects, Hannah has also worked with brands such as Media Academy Wales and Glastonbury festival.





In 2010, the BBC estimated that there were 175,000 young carers in the UK, 13,000

caring for over 50 hours a week, and 11,000 “children carers” in Wales alone. Their roles

include household chores, giving emotional support, as well as providing nursing and

personal care – all activities that take on a responsibility that is often inappropriate to

their age (some carers are as young as 5 years old) or development. Because of this, young

carers aged 16-18 are twice as likely as their peers to not be in education, employment or

training, and these figures are set to rise in the future. Young carers save the economy

£119 billion a year, equating to £18,473 per carer. However, carers only receive £59.75 a

week in benefits, and that is only if the recipient is over 16, and spends at least 35 hours a

week caring.


Supported by The Wisdom Bank and Action For Children, ‘Adolescent’ is a collaboration

project aiming at empowering the carer, and giving them something they can control, be

proud of, and enjoy doing, an escape from their everyday routine, as well as educating

them in photography, and various other media skills.