David Donovan

David is currently studying Documentary Photography at Newport University, Wales. His work deals mainly with representations of memory and loss, his own family dynamics being central to his practice. David has made work in the UK and internationally and is currently working alongside Nepal's Care

and Development Organisation on a project that documents the workers of Kathmandu's many brick factories.





The Un-Attended Funeral

The Un-Attended funeral deals with issues of loss, memory, identity and place. By working with a broad range of subject material David’s photographic practice is ultimately trying to answer questions about his own fathers death in 2004. When he was 21 he met his father again for the first time in 18 years although on the occasions that they had met previously he had been to young to remember. At the time his father was living and working in America. Six years later he died suddenly in South Africa whilst on business. The project engages with a fear of dying alone and also explores the representation of people who have died and are as yet unidentified.