Danny Carter

Danny Carter is a documentary photographer from the north of England.  Currently based in Newport, South Wales, his work explores the influence of modernisation on the landscape.



The XYZ of Bee Culture

Since time immemorial, the bee has been idolised and revered by cultures across the globe.  Its industrious nature has made it a powerful metaphor for flourishing societies throughout history.  But now, in the 21st century, bee colonies are vanishing on a dramatic scale.  The catastrophe has been dubbed CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), and although biologists worldwide are still debating the causes, pesticides, climate change, parasites and viruses all hold blame.  One thing is certain, without these pollinators, our way of life is under serious threat.  A third of all we eat is pollinated by bees and much of what we wear is entirely dependent on their pollination.

This project will act as a honeybee retrospective, set in a fictional future where this vital species is already extinct.  Using the visual language of the archive to discuss preservation and loss, these microscopic photographs are a visceral illustration of the death of the most important creature in our ecosystem.