Brydie Lott


Family images speak to us about our histories, and the lives of those in the generations before us. Looking at images of my mother when she was a young adult during the 1980’s, I note the differences in her lifestyle in comparison to mine. I note the shift in opportunities for women. Second wave feminism, popular during the 1980’s sought affirmative action regarding pay equity, sexism in the media, and sexuality rights. Feminists spoke of women as a social class, initiating a concentrated effort to remove sexism from society via ‘identity politics’ and the coining of phrases such as ‘the personal is political.


‘Herstory’ is a homage to the women that created the generation (specifically of women) that I currently exist in, focusing on the woman from that generation that I am most familiar with, my mother. My mother is my connection to that era, my personal attachment to female efforts made in history to benefit women for years to come. ‘Herstory’ incorporates images of my mother as a young adult during the 1980’s, and teams them with snapshots of myself as a young adult in 2014. It references the general shift in the lives of young women, and in the opportunities presented to them over the last 30 years