Benson Batty

Benson Batty is a Documentary Photographer Based in the UK. He focuses on projects based around personal ideas, joint with a multi cultural upbringing.


Benson is currently working on a project about the connection of humans to the land and how modernised humanity has lost most, if not all of its connection with our planet, and will continue this project after University

Losgann  (FROG)

Sensitivity, Medicine, Hidden Beauty and Power


"Losgann unites the elements of water and earth, bringing joy, delight and healing in its singing and hopping, and leading you to a sacred spring from which you may be refreshed and renewed”


CARR-GOMM, P & CARR-GOMM, S (1996). the druid animal oracle . London: Connections Book Publishing Ltd, London. p62-65.


The project explores the relationship between humans and the earth. Everything is attainable through land, yet we increasingly choose to work against it, loosing most if not all of our relationship with the planet.


The small area of Newport, a small costal Town in north Pembrokeshire, lies heart to a few eco communities in which you can find varying levels of self sufficiency. The equanimity of the life lived there is shown within the photography.