Ashley Parker

Ashley Parker is a photographer from Cambridge, who was raised, grew up, and as a child played primarily in the countryside her whole life. Due to this close connection to and love for nature, and the countryside, Parker creates photographic works of art that often explore environmental issues, and the way people attitudes to the landscape have changed over the years.

La Cour's Landscapes

Across the UK there are currently 5,406 wind turbines, with more being created each year all so the Government can achieve it’s aim of twenty percent of all UK energy being from renewable sources by 2020. The public’s opinion on the subject of wind farms differs greatly from person to person. Many people are pro wind farms, others oppose them completely, and many people seem not to care about wind farms as long as they’re not on their doorstep.

By manipulating British landscape paintings from before the early 19th Centaury, Parker hopes to infect this idea of the ideal British landscape, and question the visual and aesthetic impact wind farms have on the landscape.