We Are This

“We Are This” is the joint graduation project of 33 third year Documentary Photography students from the University of South Wales, Newport.


For our graduation we will be creating an exhibition, a book launch night, a publication which will include a selection of work from all of us. The exhibition will be held at The Gallery above Jacob's Market in Cardiff – a venue we've managed to secure through fund-raising that we've already done.


The publication will take the form of a photo-book. As it will include all of the work from all of the students on the course, it will serve as not only a reminder of the course and our time at the university, but will also give us an opportunity to get our work out in the open and publicise ourselves. It will function beyond a gallery space and serve as an archive of our work.


The book launch night will be a one-night-only event in London, and will showcase our publication and subsequently, our work, to the likes of potential employers, collaborators and gallery spaces. Even though we are students of Documentary Photography, the work which we are creating for “We Are This” will form together to create a diverse spectrum of photography; film and digital; colour and black and white; conceptual and reportage; studio and location all come together to create a unique representation of us as not only individuals, but also as a course.